And Then She Realized It’s Okay to Be Different (Link Love)

Gary Owen on the differences between white and black churches

“What’s so sad is that when women fail to take their lives seriously, nobody wins.“–Shauna Niequist shares What My Mother Taught Me

“But far too often, the “stop-being-so-divisive” line is used by those in power to diffuse, or even silence, difficult conversations about why things might need to change.” -Rachel Held Evans speaks On Being Divisive

“The truth is that patriarchal systems hurt men as much as they hurt women. Just as women were not created to be oppressed and so it damages us, I believe that men were not created to be the oppressors and that it will damage them.”–Sarah Bessey shows us there’s a new way forward

MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry talks with author bell hooks about the intersectionality of race, gender, and class

“I’m not going to force some single mom to ring up my worthless purchases instead of enjoying Thanksgiving with her children.”– Matt Walsh on giving thanks and rejecting consumerism



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