And Then She Wrote About The Things She Loved


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It has been a while since I posted here, but I have been writing!

Here are two pieces I’ve written for other publications on pop culture:

Lecrae’s ‘All Things Work Together’ Is a Grace-Filled Mic Drop

“Over the past several years, Lecrae’s critics have accused him of being divisive and too political, questioning whether he was “still saved” because he signed with Columbia and attended a Kanye West concert. Lecrae answers them all: He is a mascot no more. All Things Work Together is bigger than the critics; it is the story of a man who was lost but, by the grace of God, was found.”

Roses from Concrete: The Irrepressible Spirit of the Ladies of Ste

“Step is a movie about young black women from impoverished backgrounds who hope and have joy and how hope and joy refuse to let the circumstances of life have the final say. They are the roses that grew from concrete. And they are teaching us what it means to flourish even in the brokenness of this world.”


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